Massachusetts Bay Colony

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Massachusetts Bay Colony

In 1691 by a royal charter from King Charles I, Plymouth Colony and Massachusetts Bay Colony were joined to gether to form the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Puritans began to form towns and communities. Puritans farmed in the fields surrounding their towns and grew several crops. Most Puritans lived into their seventies and eighties, enough to see their grandchildren.

Economics in Mass. Bay Colony

Life in Mass. Bay Colony


Massachusetts Bay Colony

Politics in Mass. Bay Colony

Due to farming many puritans were able to become economically successful. If one crop failed, Puritan farmers still had other crops to sell and survive off. Shipbuilding, fisheries, and the fur and lumber trades quickly got started when the colony began. Timber had an important role on economy during the shipbuilding period.

Each Puritan town had its own church and town meeting, a form of goverment where all male church members made decisions about the running of the town. This form of goverment is still used today, but with a difference, everyone can participate in the voting for anything towards their town.

Colonial Militia(above),Salem Church(below).

Fur trade (above),Colonial Farming(below)

Relations with the Native Americans.


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