Mass Spectrometry

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Mass Spectrometry

Main Purpose:Mass spectrometry is used to analyze chemical substances. It produces charged particles to allow them to measure the substance's mass and analyze the components of the sample.

Sample goes into the ionizer first. A beam of electrons shoot through the substance sample and give the particles a charge by knocking off an electron. It can also knockfragments from the substance if the beam collides hard enough.

Step One: Ionization

How it works:

A magnetic field seperates the different sized particles according to their masses. This is called the analyzer.

A detector looks at the seperated ions and makes a graph with the different ions and there masses.

Step Three: Detector

Step Two: Analyzer


What Is It Used For?Mass spectrometry is used by a mass spectrometrist.These mass spectrometrists can be in various jobs such as toxicology, environmental fields, and forensics.


Joseph John Thomson

Filament- wire that makes a current of electronsAccelerating Slits- one is used to attract ionized particles and the other is high voltage to accelerate ions through other stages faster.

Repellor electrode- ions go into repellor and bounce off the plate and allows ions to go right into the ionizer.


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