Masque of the Red Death

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Masque of the Red Death

Masque of the Red DeathBy Edgar Allen Poe

Major Events:Red Death has been killing everyone. So Prince Prospero decides to escape it. He builds a castle and invites all his hale/rich friends. But Red Death can still get in the castle. So he chases him through every room in the castle. He kills anyone he comes by.

Symbols:the rooms in the castle Prince Prosperothe castleRed Death andthe clockTheme:Humans cannot run away from death with money.

Characters:Prince ProsperoRed DeathPrince Prospero's friendsBuffoonsSetting:Prince Prospero's castle.the castle roomsMood:Scary and/or serious

Prince Prospero (Conflict):He wants to escape death with his money.Prince Prospero (Resolution):He finds out it is imposible.Red Death (Conflict):There are people trying to escape death.Red Death (Resolution):He kills them all.


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