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Main Goal:Does Mars have underground sources of water, gas, and/or other materials that could support life?

Scientific Objectives:1. What are the sufrace rock and mineral compositions at the bottom of the largest canyon in the solar system?2. Are there subtaerranean heat sources on Mars that could explain the harsh conditions and point to life?3. Can the high winds on Mars be used to produce cheap and effictive energy for the future missions?

MaSHER Digital Model


Landing Zone: The Deepest Valley in the Solar System

The rover will land in Melas Chasma, which is located in the Valles Marineris canyon. Valles Marineris is the largest canyon in the solar system , it makes the Grand Canyon look like a mere crack. Melas Chasma, the proposed landing zone for this mission, provides a harsh yet scientifically fruitful location for exploration. The harsh conditions of high winds and rugged terrains are reasons why past missions have shied away from this location, however these conditions can bypassed by using an airbag landing system and wind power.

Reasons for funding

Created by: Haroon Khan

Mission Overview

Mars Subterranean Hydrothermal Exploration Rover - MaSHER

MaSHER, the Mars Subterranean Hydrothermal Exploration Rover, is a proposed rover Mission. The rover will land in Melas Chasma, which is located in the Valles Marineris canyon. Humanity has sent many machines to Mars, yet none have ever been to Melas Chasma.

Mission Objectives

A satellite image of Valles Marineris. Melas Chasma, the landing zone is indicated by the arrow.

The digital model for MaSHER is shown above. The main instruments and components that it will use to study the Red Planet are labeled from 1-12.

If funded MaSHER will:- provide insight to the question 'Is there life on Mars?'- explore new and exotic areas of Mars.- explore an alternative and cheaper power source for future missions to Mars and perhaps other worlds.- create jobs, new technologies, and inspire more people to pursue STEM fields.



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