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Masaccio glog

The style of Masaccio's scenes shows the influence of Giotto especially. Figures are large, heavy, and solid; emotions are expressed through faces and gestures; and there is a strong impression of naturalism throughout the paintings. Unlike Giotto, however, Masaccio uses linear and atmospheric perspective, directional light, and chiaroscuro, which is the representation of form through light and color without outlines.As a result his frescoes are even more convincingly life like than those of Giotto.

Masaccio was born December 21,1401 and his birth name was Tommaso di Ser Giovanni di Simone. He died at the age of 26 in autumn of 1428. Although his career was short,he made a big difference in the art world during the Italian Renaissance.


The Trinity,a fresco considered by many to be Masaccio's masterwork, is the earliest surviving painting to use systematic linear perspective, possibly devised by Masaccio with the assistance of Brunelleschi himself.

Masaccio used perspective in his paintings to make them look three dimensional

In his painting The Expulsion of Adam and Eve he showed emotion and sadness and despair in their faces and in the original painting,there were no fig leaves.Those were added later but when they were cleaned up, the fig leaves were taken off.



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