Marylin Monroe

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Marylin Monroe


Marilyn born June 1, 1926 an die August 5, 1962. Real name: Norma Jean Mortenson. Agency changed her name in Marilyn Monroe.She had to grow up without father because he left when Marilyn's mother was pergnant.She was an American actress, model and singer.Marilyn has played in 29 movies and she was the main character in 1940's and 1960's. She was married with two men: Joe Dimaggio and Arthut Miller.

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Her real breakthrough was in 1950's in Asphalt Jungle.She won 4 Golden Globes and star on the Walk of Hollywood Fame and many others but these being her the most famous. On August 5th 1962, LAPD Recieved call from Marilyn's pshychiatrist that Monroe was found dead in her home.



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