Maryland: Colonial and Current History

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Maryland: Colonial and Current History

Maryland: Colonial and Current History


Maryland's capital is Annapolis.

Maryland's flag bears the arms of the Calvert and Crossland families. Calvert was the family name of the Lords Baltimore who founded Maryland, and their colors of gold and black appear in the first and fourth quarters of the flag. Crossland was the family of the mother of George Calvert, first Lord Baltimore. The red and white Crossland colors, with a cross bottony, appear in the second and third quarters.

- In 1632, Cecilius Calvert, 2nd of Lord Baltimore, founded Maryland.- Maryland was established in the year 1634.

Cecilius Calvert (2nd Lord Baltimore) and George Calvert (1st Lord Baltimore) were key figues in the finding and establishment of Maryland.


State Bird: Baltimore oriole

Population and Economy Base

- Maryland has no Governing Documents.- Maryland was established as a safe haven for Roman Catholics persecuted in Engalnd.

Lawrence Joseph "Larry" Hogan, Jr. cuurently serves as the 62nd Governer of Maryland, in office since January 2015.

State Flower: Blackeyed Susan

State Tree: White Oak

As of 2014, Maryland's population is currently 5.976 million.Maryland's top five agriculture products are broilers (young chicken), greenhouse and nursery products, dairy products, corn for grain, and soybeans.Maryland manufactures automobiles, parts and steel.Maryland exports poultry.


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