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Birth: London April 27, 1759Marriage: William Godwin Education: only went to high school becuase she never went back due to the poor education she recievedDeath: London September 10, 1797

Mary Wollstonecraft

While Mary was alive sexism was present. Society thought that women were inferior to man. Women had very little rights.Mary wanted to bridge the gap between men and women. Mary worked to gain rights of women. She published Vindication of the Rights of Women, which advocated for equality of the sexes.

Mary's ideas were revolutionary, causing tremendous controversy. It took centuries before her views were put into effect. Society was not not use to strong powerful women.Mary's work for women helped achieve a better life for women and their children. Society's view on women changed drastically overtime. She helped pass women reforms.

Mary was born in Spitalfields England. She did most of her work there and eventually died in Spitalfields.

Portrait of Mary Wollstonecraft

Comparing & Contrasting Both jean and Mary proposed new social theories for their respective generations. Jeans explored children’s psychology and Mary was involved in women’s social status. Jean was an university educated male, his theories were accepted right away. Mary by contrast was and uneducated female, her theories were criticized and not accepted for over 100 years.Evaluations:I believe Jean was a very important person to young children. Today it is obvious that children are not smaller adults. If we still believe that children were smaller adults and they were born with knowledge then kids would struggle tremendously in school and other aspects of life.Mary is a very important women to myself and other women without her the movement for women's right may have been delayed because she may not have inspired other women to fight for rights as well.




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