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Mary Tudor

Mary Tudor

Bloody Mary Legend If you stand in a bathroom, with one candle lit and say the name “Bloody Mary” into the mirror three times in a row then Mary I ghost will be summoned and she will appear in the mirror. This results in you facing one of three consequences. 1. Your eyes being ripped out and your face horribly scarred. 2. Being found dead with claw marks all over your face and body 3. Disappearing mysteriously from the bathroom and ending up trapped in the mirror with the ghost for eternity. Story Behind the Nickname When Mary Tudor took to throne and became Queen of England she immediately repealed many of her fathers religious laws and replaced them with her own. She tries to revive Catholic power with strict heresy laws. Which resulted in the burning of around 300 Protestants as heretics.

ReignKing Edward began to show signs of illness, spitting up blood and tissue and a hacking cough, it was obvious he was soon to die. Powerful men such as John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland and Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk feared that Mary would return the country to the catholic faith began to plan for Edward’s cousin, Jane Grey, to take throne instead so they could control her like a puppet. Mary realized the plot and was urged to flee but stood her ground knowing that fleeing would forfeit the crown. On July 6, 1553 Edward died, Jane was announced heir, and Northumberland and his sons went to take Mary into custody because without Mary having confirmation of her brother’s death it was treason to declare herself Queen. From a reliable source she received news that Edward was dead and announced her ascension to throne. At this time Mary had a large group of supporters and was well liked. After taking the throne, Mary quickly reinstated her parents’ marriage and executed Northumberland for his role in the Jane Gray affair. Mary reigned for a short five years as the first reigning queen since the 12th century. In her time she reinstated old English laws enforcing heresy against the church but was most known for burning around 300 Protestants.

Mary's Father: King Henry VIIIPro's-With King Henry's VIII first wife, Mary was welcomed and loved by both her parents and the court-Privileged her with education and other lessons that were not available to most - Anne Boleyn, influenced King Henry VIII thoughts towards mary leading to him requesting Mary toleave in the presence of Boleyn member and eventually King Henry VIII not seeing his daughter at all- Renstated her as an heir to the thrownCon's- Her father still wanted a son instead of a daughter-At one point, she was not an heir to the throne-His many wives, affected MAry greatly as she either hated them or when she finally found one she liked the marrige would be over or the stepmotherwould be dead before she knew it

Mary's Childhood•Mary was born February 18,1516 at the Palace of Placentia in Greenwich, England•Mary was the only child of King Henry VIII and Catherine Aragon to survive through childhood •She was baptized in the catholic church •With Catherine of Aragon and King Henry, Mary was welcomed into the family, but King Henry VIII still saw it necessary to have a male heir•She was named Mary after the kings sister and had a half brother named Edward and a half sister named Elizabeth•Mary was the center of the court attention•Mary received a superior education with the best tutors, learned many languages, Latin, French, Spanish, and understood Italian•Also she learned the basic skills of riding side-saddle, sewing and embroidery, and had a natural musical talent•Later she was sent to live on the border of Whales•Henry's second wife, Anne Boleyn, feared Mary, seeing her as a challenge to the throne, passed an act to make her illegitimate•Henry's third wife, pushed Henry into making amends with Mary, bringing her back into the royal court•Mary was fast friends with Anne of Cleves and were until Anne's death•King Henry's fifth marriage to Catherine Howard appalled Mary because her new stepmother was six years younger than her and led to many quarrels between the two•At the King’s death bed he announced to his three children that Edward would be his heir, Mary would follow if he died childless, and Elizabeth to follow if Mary died Childless

The Bloody Mary legend is a well known story with many varations as a result of changes as the story is retold.

Marry's Many MothersCatherine of Aragon (Divorced) - She was King Henry VII’s first wife and mother to Mary. Mary was the first child she had given birth to survive childhood. Her first attempt resulted in a still born child and her second gave forth a baby boy who did not live past a month. Originally Catherine was married to Henry’s older brother, Arthur, but he died a few months after the wedding so she became Henry’s wife resulting to the fact she was five years older than King Henry. Henry needed a boy to be heir to the thrown and realizing that Catherine could not give him that he, with the help of the pope, found a fault in the canon law and divorced her.Anne Boleyn (executed) - She was King Henry VII’s second wife and step-mother to Mary. Anne hated Mary and loathed the fact that he continued to see Mary at her residences, played and hunted together and though it was difficult she drove a wedge between Mary and her father relationship as evident when he no longer visited her and told her to leave with Boleyn members around. Anne did not succeed in baring a boy, but instead gave birth to a girl Elizabeth. Mary was demoted from her own household and title and forced to live with her infant half-sister. But Anne was later charged and convicted of adultery and was executed.Jane Seymour (Died from Childbirth) - She was King Henry VII’s third wife and step-mother to Mary. Jane had been a lady in waiting to King Henry’s previous wives but unlike Mary’s last step-mother Jane liked Mary and campaigned to reconcile Henry with her. Though she was unable to change Mary’s title back to princess but she did all she could to bring back some of the status Mary had lost. Also, Jane succeeded in baring a boy, Edward, but died twelve days after from complications from child birth.Anne of Cleves (Marriage Annulled) - She was King Henry VII’s fourth wife and step-mother to Mary. Henry married Anne to bring an alliance with a German principality. A portrait of her was sent over for him to see and he was quite taken with her but when she arrived he was disappointed with the woman he was to marry. Too late to back out of the marriage they wed and Mary and Anne became friends. Anne later agreed to Henry’s request for divorce but continued to keep in touch with Mary.Catherine Howard (executed) - She was King Henry VII’s fifth wife and step-mother to Mary. At the beginning Mary and Catherine did not get along because Mary found it difficult to give her the same respect that her previous step-mothers received since Mary was about five to six years older than her new step-mother. Later a truce was formed between them but this was short lived because the king learned of Catherine being unfaithful and executed her.Catherine Parr (remarried) - She was King Henry VII’s sixth wife and step-mother to Mary. She was a rich, educated woman, who had been widowed twice. Mary was delighted with her new step-mother and with only four years separating them, Catherine saw Mary as her younger sister instead of a daughter. She shower Mary with jewels, money and treated her as royalty. All of the king’s children took to her as she showed interest, love, and a wanting to help them as if she were there birth mother. King Henry eventually fell sick and died so she remarried.

Heresy Definitionbelief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (especially Christian) doctrine

Protestants DefinitionA member or follower of any of the Western Christian churches that are separate from the Roman Catholic Church and follow the principles of the Reformation, including the Baptist, Presbyterian, and Lutheran churches.

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