Mary Standing 1st glog!

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Vocational & Technology

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Mary Standing 1st glog!

Appropriate Technology" A technology that fits the cultural or social situation for which it is intended, without causing more problems than it solves."

Adaptive Recreational EquipmentEquipment that has been motified to meet the needs of people with disabilities

Technology TransferThe development of a technology product or process in one setting, which is then transferred for the use in another settingExamples-Handicap Doors-Wheel Chair Lifts for Cars-Talking cross-walk signals

Mary StandingParks,Recreation and Tourism -- Therapeutic Recreation


Examples-silverware-telephones-touch screens-pill organizers

Informational Interview:- Planning recreational activities and events for people with special needs would not be possible without the use of technology and adaptive equipment.- There is appropriate technology used in order to keep track of patients when on social outings in the community.(cell phones, walkie-talkies)



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