Mary, Queen of Scots

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Mary, Queen of Scots

Tragedy-1559: her father-in-law Henri II dies when a wooden lance pierces his eye when fighting in a tournament for fun. The royal doctors could not save him-1560: her husband, the new King Francois II dies when an ear infection spreads to his brain-her mother died far away in Scotland

Alone -18 years old, and already a widow, no longer the queen of France -DESCRIPTION- she was tall and slim, with auburn hair and hazel eyes. considered extremely beautiful -doesn't have any royal children, and doesnt seem wise enough to play any part in politics, so the new French King, Charles IX, sends her home -still Queen of Scots, but when she returned to Scotland in 1561, trouble awaits -many Scottish people distrusted her foreign French ways -Protestant didn't want her, a catholic, as queen -turned for help to her half brother, the Earl of Moray -Higlanders - proud, independent people from north scotland plotted to kidnap her -she has no soldiers to guard her and no money

Early Life-came from the Stuarts, who ruled Scotland, and the Guises, who were important nobles in Francealso closely related to the Tudor dynasty of England.-Henry VIII was her great-uncle-Henry VIII wanted to conquer Scotland and promise her hand in marriage to his son, Prince Edward-1541- James and Robert, her brothers, both died before she was born-1542- Her father, James V died after being defeated by the English at Solway Moss-1543- crowned at Stirling Castle on Sept. 9th (9 months old)-1543- English soldiers attacked Scotland's capital, Edinburgh, and burned Scottish villages-1546- Protestant leader George Wishart was burned alive by Catholics. Catholic leader Cardinal Beaton was hanged by Protestants-1547- Scotland's best soldiers were slaughtered by the English at the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh1547- Protestant preacher John Knox was captured by the French and forced to row in a galley.


Escape to France-English raids accross the border caused daily bloodshed, civil war was brewing.-Mary's mother decided to send her to France for her safety-arranged for Mary to marry there, for her own protection and to link Scotland with France-only five years old-her mother chose a governess and 4 girls (known as the "Four Marys" because they are all named Mary) to travel with her as companions.-the new King of England, Edward VI, Henry VIII's son, planned to marry her but now she's left

Kidnapped -Bothwell accused of murdering Darnley -his judges found him not guilty-This makes the Scottish ppl angry w/Mary-as queen, responsible for upholding the law -royal duty to see that Darnley's killers are punished-continued to treat Bothwell as her friend-agreed to meet him on her way back from seeing her son-Bothwell rode up and surrounded her with soldiers. -Carried her off to Dunbar Castle and forced her to marry him-she thought botwell cared for her, but her wedding was miserable and her life was even worse-Bothwell is a brute. bullies her. scottish nobles were furious ' lead their soldiers to attack him-Botwell rides off, and she never saw him again. -she finds out she is pregnant with twins-RIOTS - riots in Edinburgh. Scottish people no longer wanted her as queen-Botwell escaped to Denmark -flung into prison by the Danish king, who knows he is a murder suspect -he spends the last 10 yrs of his life there

All Over-1587- she's been prisoner for over 20 years. -Queen Elizabeth persuaded Mary's son, King James VI of Scotland, to ban her from ruling there -now Elizabeth has learned of another plot against her- the Babington Plot- and this time she had proof Mary was involved-last straw- now she will lose her head.-wears a red dress, the color of Catholic Martyrs-in prison, her hair has grown thin and pale. she wears a wig to remind everyone she was once Europe's most glamorous queen-a wax death mask was made of Mary's face after death

A Murder Mystery -After she saw Razzio killed, she hated Darnley-wanted to divorce-could not b/c a scandal would be bad for her child's future- meets James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell again-knew him in Francce -he was a soldier-her son, James was born and she told her half brother, Earl of Moray, that she was ready to divorce Darnley-he went off and talked with Bothwell-very soon after, a massive explosion shattered Darnley's Edinburgh house-DARNLEY IS DEAD!-Darnley's body was found in the garden-he seemed to be strangled to death before the explosion took place-his death was meant to look like an accident, but everyone knew he was murdered-many people blammed Mary

No Longer Queen -locked up in Lochleven Castle (north of Edinburgh put there by Earl of Maray -furious w/ Bothwell for marrying her without telling them -say that she's been foolish, a danger to Scotland -demand that she gives up the throne -july 1567- her baby son James is crowned as Scotland's new king - James VI-her twins- both bothwell's children died -George Douglas, one of her guards, falls deeply in love with her-Moray becomes regent-Douglas and Mary run away - but Moray catches her -She and her followers fight at Langside but are defeated -she and douglas flee for their lives. at last she reached the border

Plots-hates being a prisoner-over the years, many people died trying to plot her escape-many tortured and executed in horrible ways -1569-1570- nobles from north england rebel against elizabeth -wanted to bring back the catholic faith. wanted Mary as queen. rebellion fails, and they die -1581- Queen Elizabeth passes strict laws banning Catholic worship in England-Ridolfi plot, 1571- the pope sends spies to england, hoping to overthrow Elizabeth w/ help from the Spanish and then set her free. plot discovered ' plotters executed-Throckmorton plot, 1583- spain plans to invade and make her queen. plot discovered and the spanish ambassador is expelled-Gifford Plot, 1585- smuggle letters to catholic friends that want to set her free. the letters found and her friends are executed

In Prison-expected her cousin Elizabeth to offer her comfort and shelter, but she treated her with suspicion, as a rival to her throne-fears Mary will stir up the Catholic rebels against her and her protestant faith-Elizabeth couldn't execute Mary so she put her in prison-the english claim that she knew Bothwell was going to kill Darnley

Early life in Fance-her new family welcomed her warmly, and she soon loved living in France-made friends with gruff King Henri II and became his favorite-spent her days reading, writing, studying foreign languages, and having fun-everyone admired her-made friends with the French royal children and cousins from the Guise family-she learned to dance and play music-wore clothes of silk and velvet, trimmed with gold and jewels-the prince was childish, grumpy, and ill-married him in 1558, when she was 15-after Henri dies, she became the new Queen of France and Scotland-Francois dies

Another Marriage -needed to marry and produce a son and heir-if she wedded a Scottish noble, the others may have became enemies but, marrying a foreign prince could lead to Scotland being taken over by a stronger, rival nation-foolishly falls in love with her cousin, Darnlely, and married him in 1556-tall, handsome, catholic. but weak and selfish-when she became pregnant, Queen Elizabeth was furious.-thanks to Darnley's royal tudor blood, their child would be heir to the English throne -Darnley fights, quarrels, and eats and drinks too much-he was jealous of her private secretary/close friend David Rizzio -one evening, as they were playing music together at a dinner party, Darnley's henchmen bursted in and killed Rozzio


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