Mary Mahoney; Women right leader

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African-American History

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Mary Mahoney; Women right leader

Women's Right Leaders

Mary Mahoney

Mary Mahoney was accepted to nursing school for women and kids. She then became the first african-american to finish nurse training in 1987,

Over the years in nursing, Mary Mahoney became one of the first black members of the American Nurses Association. She even found an association for colored graduate nurses.

Quote“The award continues to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions in interracial relationships.”

Her repuation as training as a nurse has been widely spread all through the states, soon she became a director of the Howard Orphan Asylum for black children in Long Island, New York.

Mary Mahoney even created her own nurse training for other people, she earned her dipolma, and she became the first graduate nurse

Along with other woman, Mary mahoney was among the first woman to submitting to vote in Boston, MA for womens rights


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