Mary Johnson

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Mary Johnson

On the 3rd February Johnson was commemorated in Sydney by Richard Johnson Place, which is on the corner of Bligh and Hunter Streets in Sydney with the words "What shall I render unto the Lord for all that he has done for me?"

Mary’s maiden name was Mary Burton but she then married Reverend Richard on the 4th December 1786 so the surname was changed. They had a daughter in 1790 who they named ‘Milbah’ which was a aboriginal name and a son named Henry in 1792.

Mary Johnson

Mary and her husband (Richard) sailed with the First Fleet and arrived in Australia in 1788. As well as raising her own family she cared for a number of Aboriginal girls and welcomed other women on their arrival. Her husband Richard was the first Christian cleric in Australia

Mary Johnson was born in 1752 and died in 1831

Mary and Richard had taught between 150 and 200 school children in the church but unfortunately in 1798 the church had burnt down.

Then in June 1793 Richard built a church himself, which was capable of holding 500 people. In the end it all costed about £67, which was quite a lot of money back then. It was T-shaped of mud bricks, thatched roof, dirt floor and plank seats They decided to make it a school; it was the first school in Australia. All the money had come from Reverend Richard.

But something very special about Mary was she was had constant support and encouragement to her husband throughout their life together.

This is the church that Reverend Richard built in 1793

Reverend Richard's Memorial stone


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