Mary I of England

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Mary I of England

Mary was born in 1516 and died in 1558. She was Queen of England for five years. During her reign, Mary had a significant impact upon Enlish history. She wanted to bring the Catholic church back to English rule. Mary stirred rebelions and burned over 300 Protestants. Because of this tyranny, she was reffered to as "Bloody Mary".

MaryI of England

The main goal of her rulling was to put englands rule back to the catholic church.Mary was baptised catholic and raised by her parents, king Henry VIII and Catherine. Mary's way of converting everyone back to catholic ways was brutal and harsh.


In Power

Glog by:Cara Nardone

While in power,Mary brought strict Catholic rules back in place.All preists had to be catholic and she took out holy communion. Mary repealed many of Henry VIII's religious edicts and recplaced them. The new inforcement cause the burning of people.


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