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Mary Everest Boole

Mary Everest Boole was born in 1832 in England. At the age of 5, her family moved to Poissy, France.Mary was homeschooled by her mother and Monsieur Deplace, her tutor.At the age of 11 Mary's father pulled her out of school to assist him in his ministries.However, having a love for mathematics. She self taught herself calculus using books from her fathers' library. But this left her with many more questions than answers.It wasn't until she met her future husband, George Boole, a fellow mathematician that these questions became answered. After having 5 daughters, George died of Pneumonia. Mary was devasted but moved forward raising her girls independently as well as working with her mathematical career.Mary began tutoring in London schools but was forced to leave due to controverisies of one of her books.She died in 1916 at the age of 84.


1832 - Born1837- Moved to Poissy France1843 - Moved back to England1843- Pulled out of school1855 - Married George Boole1916- Died

Recognized as an outstandign teacher by the Head of the London Board of EducationInvented Curve StitchingWrote many books and articles:Logic Taught by Love The Preparation of the Child for Science. Philosophy and Fun of Algebra.The Message of Psychic Science for Mothers and Nurses

Lasting Impact

Mary Boole's contributions can be found in classrooms today through String Art. String art uses coloured string, wool or wire to create geometric patterns.The 'string' is normally held between nails hammered into a base board. Multiple straight lines of string can form shapes ranging from simple curves to more complex designs resembling flowers, sailing boats, etc. Curve stitching is used to make mathematical ideas more accessible to children.

Mary Everest Boole



Fun FactsMary was fascinated by Physics and the Spiritual World.Mt. Everest was named after Mary's Paternal Family.Wrote her first book at the age of 50.


Her goal was to try " understand how people, and especially children, learned mathematics and science, using the reasoning parts of their minds, their physical bodies, and their unconscious processes."

George Boole

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