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Algebra I

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Mary Everest Boole

Mary Everest was born in Wickwar, Gloucestershire England in 1832. Her father, Dr. Thomas Everest was a minister. He moved the family to France when Mary was 5 so he could recieve treatment for an illness. Mary's last name may sound familar. She had a famouse uncle whom she was close to that had a pretty big mountain named after him. Mary's family moved back to England when she was 11. At this time she was withdrawn from school so she could help her dad at his church. During the time Mary lived women were not allowed to go to college, so the math she knew was mostly self taught.


Mary had a tutor when she live in France that introduced her to math. His name was Monsieur Deplace. When her family moved back to England she taught herself Calculus using her father's books.

During the time period Mary was born in women did not recieve the same recognition as a man would. So, Mary did not recieve any awards for her mathematical work. She did edit a book her husband George Boole wrote Laws of Thought. She also wrote several books during her life. One of which was The Message of Psychic Science for Mothers and Nurses which got her fired from her job at Queens College. The book she is best known for though is Philosophy of Fun Algebra. Its a book that teaches basic algebra to young children in a converstational way using history and philosophy concepts.

Lasting Impact

Mary created the idea of curve stitching to teach children geometry of space and angles. When you enter a elementary school math class today you will notice the students using manipulatives to help solve problems. It was Mary Everest Boole that encouraged this practice.


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Mary Everest Boole

Early Years

Mathematical Training

Later Years

Mary went on a trip to visit her uncle and met a man named Grorge Boole. They became good friends and after her father's death they realized they were in love. They married soon after and preceded to have 5 daughters. Only a few months after their youngest daughter was born George died. Mary took a job at Queens College as a librarian since women could not be educators. She learned that teaching was something that she really loved. After being fired from the college she became a secretary for a friend of her fathers.


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