Mary Elitch Long

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Mary Elitch Long

Colorado ConnectionsIn Denver is a place named and created my Mary Elitch Long, although it was rebuilt and plced somewhere else in in Denver.It is called Elitch's Garden.

Early Life Mary was named Mary Elizabeth Hauck before she was married.She is the oldest of six children.Her family called her "Lydia." She was nearly 3 when she moved to a California farm.Even when Mary was a child she wanted to be a lady of fun when she grew up.

Mary died on July 16,1932 at the age 80. Saddly she died by stroke.

InterestsMary was the first lady of fun and became the first woman in the world to own and run her own zoo. She never liked her last name,Hauck, so she married to John Elitch Jr. at 16.She also LOVED animals and adopted stray animals whether their was room in their house or not.

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Mary Elitch Long

Why Mary Came to ColoradoWhy Mary came to Colorado is because the four year-old state held the promise of adventure. By then, John had an experience in a restraunt business.He and Mary opened a cafe in Durango.

Marry and John's LifeMary fell in love with John at 16.She eloped and married him at 16 as well.She and John wed in 1872. She also never liked her last name,Hauck, either. She and John created Elitch's Zoological Gardens on May 1,1890.John got sick and died in1891,Mary was heartbroken.

Mary Elitch Long was born on May 10,1856 in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. Mary also died on July 16,1932 at age 80 because of stroke.

EducationDurring the school year,Mary lived at a convent school ran by Roman Catholics.

Thomas D. LongWhen John died Marry married Thomas D. Long in1899 and took a sik month long honey moon with him. Saddly Mary and Thomas drifted apart as well as neglecting zoo duties. She was forced to sell her garden to John Muluhille.

Reason for FameHer reason for fame is because she was the first woman in the world to own and run her very own zoo during a time when women didn't have political power.Also because she created Elitch garden,wich A LOT of people enjoyed because of her restraunt,stage and rides.She and John opened Elitch's Zooliogical Gardens on May 1,1890.

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