Mary Breckinridge

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Mary Breckinridge

Mary Breckinridge

Fun Facts

Frontier Nursing Service

"The glorious thing about it is that it worked"

Mary Breckinridge was the founder of the Frontier Nursing Service. The (FNS) were nurses on horse back that would go anywhere, even to the most remote areas. They were nurse-midwives that would visit clients in their homes. Her nurses were able to decrease the mortality rates for children. Aside from having nurses out on the field they also had a hospital on what was only about 700 miles of land.

Why was she so important?

(FNS) HospitalThen

1. Born February 17, 18812. In 1910 she graduated with a degree from St. Luke's school of nursing (26yrs. old)3. 23yrs. old married first husband, who died from appendicities 2 years later4. In 1912 married her 2nd husband and had two children, 1916 her daughter Poly died 6 days after birth, 1918 son died from appendicities5. In 1928 she started the Frontier Nursing Service and funded it her- self for many years6. In 1932 the (FNS) began its own school7. The old (FNS) hospital is now called the Mary Breckinridge Hospital and operates today

(FNS) Now

"It was winter and the weather was bitterly cold, but we were dressed properly---she in her gray-blue riding uniform and I in riding breeches and boots, both of us with yellow slickers over all. The horses . . . "

In its first 50 years the (FNS) delivered 17,053 babieswith only 11 maternal deaths.


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