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Mary Bono

Mary Bono was not entirely aiming to go into politics until she met her husband, Sonny Bono. He would later become the mayor of Palm Springs California, and she would become his first lady. Just four years after they were married, however, Sonny died in a skiing accident. To get over her grief, she decided to take up some of the work her husband had left behind. Mary announced later that she would be running to fill her husband's seat in Congress. She beat out actor Ralph Waite with 65% of the vote. After this she served for a long period of time on several different political committees and in Congress itself.


- Born in Cleveland- Attended USC- Served on the board of an international film festival- Chaz Bono is her step-son- She remarried and recently divorced her second husband

In 2012 she was the only female Republican representative in California's congressional delegation.She focuses her time on entertainment, media and information technology sectors in D.C.Nationally recognized advocate for prevention of drug abuse.

Lasting Impact

Though she is no longer politically active, Bono still offers her support and guidance to those serving in the California congress seats.


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Congresswoman Mary Bono


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