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Mary Anning

Mary Anning was considered "the greatest fossilist the world ever knew". Many palenotologists are were not aware of her contribution, she was a woman in a man's world in England. She was born in Great Britain and lived at the cliffs at Lyme Regis. The cliffs were and still are rich in spectacular fossils from the seas of the Jurassic period. By the middle of the 1820s, Mary had established herself as the keen eye and accomplished anatomist of the family, and began taking charge of the family fossil business. Mary Anning has been credited with the first discovery of ichthyosaur fossils. Mary Anning and her family were forgotten by the scientific community and most historians, due to the lack of appropriate documentation of her special skills. Contributing to the oversight of Mary Anning and her contribution to paleontology was her social status and her gender.


1799- Mary Anning was born1809-1811 - At age 12 Anning dicovered the first specimen of Ichthyosaurus 1847 - Anning Died

"Mary made many great discoveries, including the aforementioned ichthyosaur and several other fine ichthyosaur skeletons. But perhaps her most important find, from a scientific point of view, was her discovery of the first plesiosaur. The famous French anatomist, Georges Cuvier, doubted the validity of the specimen when he first examined a detailed drawing. Once Cuvier realized that this was a genuine find, the Annings became legitimate and respected fossilists in the eyes of the scientific community."

What If....

What if Mary Anning did not discover all these fossils, would we have known about them today?


Mary Anning"Fossil Collecter"




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