Mary Alice

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Mary Alice

''Mary Alice pitched a fit. It meant another week of summer away from her friends, Beverly and Aubrey'' (Peck, 17).

''I was scraping away on the pot, and she was tapping away on the porch, and if you ask me, she was acting entirely too innocent'' (peck, 90).




''Being nine, Mary Alice decided to take charge. She carried a broom to the privy to swat the cat if it gave her any trouble'' (Peck, 38).

Mary Alice

Mary Alice and Joey come to visit Grandma again. Their parents gave them some money to spend. They go to a restaurant to but their favprote drinks, Nehi. When they buy their drinks and sit on the tables, Mary Alice meets Vandalia. She works at the retaurant. Just then, Vandalia's mother, Miz Eubanks, comes in and takes Vandalia's well earned money. That night, Mary Alice starts acting strange. She also acts suspicious the next morning. That day, Miz Eubanks comes and talks to Grandma, accusing her of taking Vadalia. She leaves and tries to enter the house one day but fails. Vandalia's boyfriend, Junior, comes to see her and they end up running away together

1933-The Phantom Brakeman


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