Marx Germany

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Marx Germany

Attention! Oppressed Proletariat:Germany's Prussian masters have been using the Franco-Prussian War, along with the Second Schleswig War and Austro-Prussian War as a means to unify the German speaking World. While this gives more power, to Prussia's Junker rulers, it will only be temporary. German unification cannot eliminate the inevitability of a worker's revolution. Furthermore, because of the likelihood that such a revolution will start in Germany before un-industrialized nations like Russia, or the Ottoman lands, German Unification will mean that more people will live under a communist system sooner than they otherwise would. German Unification also means that a revolution anywhere in Germany will have the chance of taking down the once mighty bourgeois Junker ruling class in Prussia.

What to Look Out For

Some have said that Prussian troops are stationed along the Rhine not to fight the French, but to surpress a worker's revolution. Workers must make sure this does not happen.

UNITED or NOT, GERMANY is still DESTINED to be a WORKER'S paradise. Better UNITED than NOT.

A United Germany for a United Proletariet

A News Update:

A Greater Germany Allows for a Greater Revolution


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