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Social Studies

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My country is 436 square miles or 1,128 square kilometers. It is about 1/3 the size of Rhode Island.

My the capital of my country is Fort-de-France. I am on of the 386,486 people that live on my island.

This is Martinique's flag


Population & Capital

Land Size

Average Temperature

~ proud of where they live~ dignified~polite to tourists and eachother

3 Characteristics of the People

They greet eachother by la bise (cheek kissing), say "Bonjour," and shaking hands.


People would wear lighter clothins since the weather is very tropical.


Some of the foods that are common in my country are tropical fruit, seafood stew, herb porridge, small octopus, and seafood.


~ water sports~ hiking~scuba and snorkeling


Martinique is primarily a Catholic country so they celebrate most of the same holidays that Catholics do.


The leader of my country is Francois Hollande. The currency is the euro and one U.S. dollar is worth .90 euros.

Leader & Currency

Kid's Life & Parent's Jobs

Growing up in Martinique would be different than growing up in the United States because you would live in a more tropical so you would have different activities, different cuiine, and different weather. A job that a parent could have would be to work in agriculture.

The average temperatue in Martinique is 23-29 degrees Celsius.

Map of Martinique

Matinique's Nationl Anthem


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