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Martin's Awesome Glog !

Johnny's last words were, "stay gold Ponyboy what he's trying to say is stay true to who you are and to be the best person you can be. I picked this video and this photo because its describing being golden or staying gold.

I choose this video to discribe friendship if it dosen't tell you I'll tell you the definiton of friendship it is. Someone who can comfort you when you are down, help you when you are in trouble, play with you when both of you are bored,and I choose Ponyboy because he depends on his gang which are his only friends to trust because he has no parents.

I choose this video about Social Ostracisim. Social Ostracisim is about a general refusal to include someone as part of a social group. I remember in the book that nobody liked the greasers they counldn't get in other groups like the socs.


Staying Gold

Social Ostracisim

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