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In this video clip of Martinique it shows the beautiful island paradise of the island. It walks you through many of the beaches, scenery and food.

Geographical facts - ...Martinique is only 1,100 square kilometers with a coastline of 350km. Martinique is found in the Carribean Sea - ...The climate in Martinique is amazing. The average temperature are between 25-35 degrees.

MartiniqueEnglish & français

This is the main site!

Martinique National Dish (court-bouillon) it is a fish in a spicy tomato sauce

Because Martinique is a French orientated island they still celebrate many French celebrations like Bastille Day, Armistice Day, and May Day.

This is the region's flag

Martinique is well reknowed for its beautiful beaches and amazing climate. This Island getaway is great for site seeing and water activies like snorkelling or scuba-diving. The beaches here are a main tourist attraction which are also reknowed for there great surfing spots, surfers will love it here.

Gastromony (3 points)*This island is great for people with a troical taste of food, everything here is fresh and hand picked.* Martinique is greatly known for its tropical fruits like mangos and coconuts

Most of the food found on the island is island type food including many tropical fruits like mango and cocnuts and different types of sea food

More Facts About MartiniqueThe capital city is Fort-De-FranceThe population is 411007

Personalties From Martinique* Euzhan Palsy - Writer* Sylver Gregory - Actress


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