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Martin Luther

Martin Luther was born to a middle class mining family in Saxony, Germany (111).He originally set out to be a lawyer, but as a 21-year-old, he was caught in a terrible lightning storm, and in fear, vowed that he would become a monk if he survived (112)His life as a monk eventually led him to teach at the Universty of Wittenburg, where after much inner struggle, he published the 95 Theses - 95 points against Catholicism.Specifically, 95 Theses protested the Catholic church's use of indulgences.In the years that followed, Luther found conflict with many other Catholic claims - papal authority, salvation by works alone, celibacy in priesthood, etc. He gained many followers and listeners. The Protestant Reformation, as his following was called, caught fire.At the Diet of Worms, he was called before the emperor of Germany and was made an outlaw. Despite the ruling, Luther continued his Protestant mission, writing and preaching to anyone who would listen.


1483 - Born1505 - Became a monk1517 - 95 Theses1521 - Diet of Worms 1534 - Married Catherine von Bora1546 - Died

Published the 95 ThesesTranlated the Bible into German, making the Bible available to all people, common and noble.Led the Protestant Reformation, influencing religious thought all throughout Europe.

Lasting Impact

His actions during the Protestant Reformation transformed the way the Christian Church operated forever afterward.


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"A Wave That Shaped History"


Martin Luther

By Sage Gregson

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