Martin Luther

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Martin Luther

Martin Luther1485-1546

Martin Luther was born in a small town Eisleben on 11/10/1485 and died on 2/18/1546 in his town Eisleben.

This is Luther stapling the 95 Theses to the Roman Catholic Church.

This is one of many books that Martin Luther wrote about the religon. He also helped translate the Bible from Latin to to German.


Martin Luther education started in 1497 in Magdeburg where he learned Latin. His fater wanted him to become a lawyer but he was interested in other things. After finishing school in 1501 he went to college. At the University of Erfurt he learnd more about religon and philosophy. He got his master degree at the same University in 1505.

Martin Luther was brave to stand up to the church and reqest its reformation. He also helped translate the Bible into German and made it avalable for an averge peson to read.

Martin Luther was the first to start the reformation of the Roman Cathloilic church. He also created the 95 Theses which he then stuck on to the doors of the castle church to show that the chuch was getting corrupted. He had many followers who helped him spread his teaching so finally the church had changed. However it did not happen in his life time.

Why was Luther Important:

Contributions to the Renaissance:


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