Martin Luther King

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African-American History

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Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr. Was able to put an end to all segregation through his non violent protests. He never gave up no matter how much trouble (threat and danger) he may have got himself into.

1. March on Washington2. Montgomery Bus Boycott3. Southern Christian Leadership Conference4. Birmingham Campaign5. Nobel Piece Prize

He was a leader that refused to be stopped to achieve justice. He spoke powerfully and believed every word he said. His community and followers trusted him. He totally changed the way america was. He put an end to segregation, and was the most influential leader of the civil rights movement.

Look at how we live today. Black and White children are friends, lovers, family members, and classmates. MLK jrs. words and perseverance paved the path for other people of the african american race to give themselves a stronger voice in everything, and be equal. Today he is still remembered for his major accomplishment, which was putting an end to segregation. Without him we would not be where we are.

Major Events

Significance in the 60's

Worthy of Study

Martin Luther King Jr.

Educational: He attended a few public schools where he was said to be a precocious student. Went to Morehouse college at age 15, After graduating, he attended the Liberal crozer Theological Seminary, and later studied his doctoral at Boston University.Employment: After finishing at Boston University, he became pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. Soon after, he was chosen as a protest leader and an official spokesmen for boycotts. He was a well known social activist. Family: Born in Atlanta, Georgia. The middle child of MLK Sr., and Alberta Williams King. He had an older sister, Christine, and a younger brother, Alfred Daniel Williams King. He and his family grew up in the cities sweet Auburn neighborhood. He later married Coretta Scott, and they had four children together.


Impact on America

He brought publicity to major civil rights activities and efforts. He emphasized and encouraged the importance of non-violent protest and resistance. He provided leadership to the African-American civil rights movement

The Change of Society in the 60's


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