Martin Luther King Wanted Everyone to Be Equal

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Martin Luther King Wanted Everyone to Be Equal

Martin Luther King wanted everyone to be equal.

Martin wrote an inspirational speech about how everyone should be equal.

Martin Luther King went to cities and states to share his thoughts with racial diversicity.

Martin Luther King was a good man but he was shot with a Remigtion 760 gamemaster 30-06 on Thursday Apirl 4 1968 in Memphis Tennessee. He was killed by James Earl Ray

Gun he was shot with

By Cory Baker

His last speech before he was killed

Martin Luther King Jr. went to cities and states and police stations to share his thoughts and his speechs about equality.

Martin Luther King Jr. Made a lot of speechs about equality but he made one to end racial divercity alltogether this speech was called "I Have A Dream"

Martin Luther King A Man With A Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. was a caring man he didnt care about the color of your skin or what you did he cared alot and he wrote down his thoghts about equality.


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