Martin Luther King Jr.

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK Jr. enters the abyss.

MLK Jr. accepting the Call.

MLK Jr. faces the challenges of the journey.

Martin Luther King Jr. took the first step of the hero's journey, the call, when he decided African Americans needed to do something about how whites treated them. This was the call because he was noticing something wasn't right with the world and decided to work to fix it.

"The call is the initiate noticing something is not right with the world and wanting to change it” (Campbell 50)."King declared, "We have no alternative but to protest....We have sometimes given our white brothers the feeling that we liked the way we were being treated.""(

To complete the challenges initiates must make it through series of problems and roadblocks. MLK Jr. faced many challenges as he tried to fight for his and the people's rights. Harassment, violence, beatings, attacks, and intimidation. He never stopped fighting and got through the people and things that caused these challenges.

"The initiate begins the journey into the unknown." (Cambell 51)"... 382 days of walking to work, harassment, violence and intimidation for the Montgomery's African-American community. Both King's and E.D. Nixon's homes were attacked." (

To complete the abyss is when the initiate completes the biggest challenge of his journey. Martin Luther King Jr. went through one of his biggest challenges when he was supposed to walk to Montgomery with thousands of people. When crossing the bridge they were faced with violence, nightsticks, and tear gas. Many people were beaten and King lost many supporters. But eventually they did get across and King defeated his toughest challenege yet.

"the abyss, the initiate faces the greatest challenge of the journey." (Cambell 51)"...a civil rights march, planned from Selma to Alabama's capital in Montgomery, turned violent as police with nightsticks and tear gas met the demonstrators..." (

Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights activist in the 1950's. Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1929. He recieved the nobel peace prize in 1964 and was assassinated in 1968. He is considered a hero to many because of the work he did to change the lives of African Americans in the USA. He is said to be a hero because he has completed the steps of the heros journey. The hero's journey is a 12 step process created by Joseph Cambell that all hero's go through. Martin Luther King Jr. has completed steps of the heros journey; specifically the call, the challenges, and the abyss.


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