Martin Luther king jr

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Martin Luther king jr

Martin Luther king Jr was born in Atlanta, Goergia in January 15 1929, into a ,middle class family. His grandpa and dad were pastors at the local church. He fought mostly against segregation.Segregation is when the blacks and whites are separated. The Jim Crows law even stated that blaks and whites could not mix. Martin luther king Jr was the most important leader in the civil rights movment and here is how he started his path. At 15 Martin luther king jr graduated from high school and attended a religious collage in Philadelphia and Boston. fter collage Martin luther king jr moved to Montgommery and married Coretta scot King in 1953 June 18. Later they had four children, 2 boys,(Martin luther king III , Dexter scott King) and 2 girls ( Yolanda KIng, Bernice King). He became a pastor and a community leader.

On December 1st 1955 Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for a white man and got aresset for breaking the Jim crows law. The people took acction and formed a group called the Mongommery bus boycotts , which Martin Luther king was involved in and later on named leader of the group. All the blacks refused to ride the bus for over a year and all their work really made and impact because the supreme court banned all segregation buses. The KIng became associated with Rosa parks. After that Martin Luther King Jr helped build many churches that engoureged non-violence. He also led many protests and marches to support african-americans. His most famous march was March on washington in 1963 where 250,000 people joined the march. he delivered his most famous speech "I have a dream". Even thought his protest were peacfull police men still joind in and sent their attack dogs. he was arrested many times while doing his marches but everything turned out well because in 1964 he won the nobel peace prize and helped fight for poverty in the vietnam war4 years later Martin Luther King was assasinated in Memphis,Tenesse by James Earl Ray who was captured months later


Even though Martin Luther king died young he acomplished many things in life and really changed our world. Without him we might still have blacks and whites separated and not have all our rights and all the respect we deserve. Martin Luther King made a huge impact on this earth and he will live forever.


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I have a dream



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