Martin Luther King Jr

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 Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King jr is a great man.He has an older sister and a younger brother.there names are Whillie Christine and Daniel Williams.Martin was baptised when he was 5 years old.Martin was also married in 1926.Martin had saw many places and made many friends like Rosa Parks.But he was killed in 1968.he held many events like the march on wasington or the bus boycott.Martin was a very good man.


1929 - Mlk jr was born 1963 i have a dream speach 1964- Martin helped with the civil rights act1964 - Martin got the nobel peace prize 1968-MartinLuther king died

Martin luther king jr did many things he changed the world but he made it to where blacks and whites could go to the same school and they could drink fom the same water fountain.He also held the freedom walk and his i have a dream speach is very famous now.

Lasting Impact

Martin Luther King, Jr. affected our lives by helping with the civil rights movement. His ideas led to the formation of rights that made equality more of an opportunity for all people than just for some people.


My Sources List-

"I Have a Dream..."



"I have a dream" Speech


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