Martin Luther King Jr.

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.

On October 14,1964,King received a Nobel Pease Prize for combating racial inequadity through nonviolance.In 1965, he helped to organize the Selma to Montgomery marches, and the following year he and SCLC took rhe movement north to Chicago to work oon segregated housing.In the final years of his liberal allies with a 1967 speech titled ''Beyound Vieynam''

King became a civil rights activist early in his career. He leed the 1955 Mantgamery bus boycctt and helped found the Southern christion leadership confrence (SCIC) in 1957, serving as its first the president. with the SCIC king led an unsuccesul 1962 strugle against segregation in Albany, Georgia (the Albany Mavement) and helped organize the 1963 March an Washington where he deliverd his faumas ''I have a Dream'' speech. There, he established his reputacion as one of the gratest oraters in American history.


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