[2015] ccruz33: Martin Luther King Jr

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[2015] ccruz33: Martin Luther King Jr

Early YearsMartin Luther King Jr. was born in January 15,1929.Martin luther king jr has a step dad. Martin luther king Jr married Jennie Celest Parks. Martin grew up in a secure and loving environment. Martin entered school at age 5. He went to Booker T Washington high school. He went to More house college in Atlanta at age 15,in 1944.

Martin Luther King Jr

Introductory ParagraphMartin Luther King Jr is important because he is the one that did a lot of things. One reason is that he would tell people to believe in themself. This person believed that racism can stop e stood up for what he believed in. He had a dream that he wanted everything to end and people to be fair and equal. Also one of his difficult times is that it was hard for him to stop racism by his self.

ContributionsMartin luther KIng Jr had an effect on the people because at first nobody wanted to help him. Little by little they started helping him on racism. He is important because he stoped racism and help black people have things and be equal with other people. They believed that people were not ganna be equal. There reaction was like mixed emotions.

Later YearsThey did a march around town for racism to stop. Also there would be no wars.He also would do speeches for people to understand that they can be equal. Martin Luther King Jr was a nice guy although he died in 1968, some guy wanted to kill martin because he didnt want black people to be fair with white people. The guy sent another guy to kill him because of the racism and the wars things that he was doing.Marthiin luther king died, later then no one took his place until now which is the presedent.

conclusionIt is important to know about this person because he is a hero he stoped or tried to stop racism. They didn't have in effect its just that he did everythiing he can to stop racism. He just wanted everyone to be equal. It would look diffrent like people would be mean to each other. There would be kids that would not care about there parents or sibilings.


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