Martin D.

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Martin D.

I love watching series such as The Big Bang Theory, Himym, Sherlock, Gravity Falls, Scrubs and others. I aslo like playing computer games. I enjoy playing floorball or basketball. My favourite actor is Rober Downey Jr.

DislikesI do not like: To be boredLoud peopleMushroomsHorrorsInsectsBad smellsToo much talkingRappingBroken bones

Hi! My name's Martin and I'm 16 years old and now I'm going to tell you something about me. I have got one sister and one brother. We live in a family house near the river "Labe". We have dogs and two turtles Gunther and Gunnar. Except of English I learn German... so do my classmates, but I don't really like the language.

Martin Doležal

I like learnig about countries and people. My favorite countries are: the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, USA and Japan. I'd like to visit at least one of them.

I play the guitar and I can also play the recorder. We play the recorder in Music lessons, so ALMOST all of us can play it:)

My favourite seriesSherlock

I've never broken a single bone. I know the day I will break my bone is coming!

Not only for kids!!!Gravity Falls




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