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Martin Cooper

Martin Cooper

Personal Profile Martin Cooper was born on December 26, 1928 in Chicago, IL. He is currently married to his only wife Arlene Harris. He was educated at the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1950 and once more at the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1957. Martin Cooper is 84 years old and has eleven patents.

Conventional Wisdom of the time Before Martin Cooper’s greatest invention the cell phone. People did not believe that wireless telephone communication was possible. Although the carphone had already existed the cell phone was different and much more revolutionary. New assertion Martin Cooper new assertion was the idea that people could communicate with each other on personal, mobile, and wireless telephones. This would require many service tower in order to work, much like the telephone.

How did this new assertion change the world The cell phone has changed the world in countless ways. People are now more connected to one another due to the cell phone. Calls can be made on the go which trying to get a hold of somebody much easier. The entire world is more united to this invention. Not only has the cell phone helped people, but the economy of countless nations. Since cell phone co.’s have been founded jobs and economic opportunity were and still are created.

SimilaritiesBoth Tycho Brahe and Martin Cooper had revolutionary idea in their fields of research. Both men helped the scientific world of today and helped mankind technologically move forward. Like most scientist both men’s work were built off of and where improved.DifferencesTycho Brahe and Martin Cooper are different for many reasons including fields of research. Also their greatest accomplishment had different effects on society. For example Martin Cooper created a more connected world. Tycho Brahe built steps to understanding more about space.

How was this new assertion first received When the first cell phone was revealed in 1973 people were excited by the idea of the cell phone and it was immediately popular. All most everyone supported the the cell phone when it was first released due to practicality, and the revolutionary idea of wireless communication.

From left to right: Picture of Martin Cooper, Map of Chicago, Martin Cooper making the first phone call.

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