Martha/Waitstill Sharp

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Martha/Waitstill Sharp

Martha Sharp was born on Tuesday April 25, 1905. Her Zodiac Sign was a taurus. She was also born in Providence, Rhode Island. Waitstill Sharp was born in May 1902. His zodiac sign was also a taurus. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts.


Martha Sharp and Waistill Sharp did not go to jail or get executed. Later they both died. Waitstill died first in 1984 in Greenfield Massachusetts. After he died Martha sharp died in 1999 in Providence Rhode Island.

What Happened because of their impact?

Martha Sharp was a noted social worker. Waitstill Sharp was a minister in a unitarian church. Later they both went to work in a Unitarian Church in Czechoslovakia.


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Martha/Waitstill Sharp

Martha and Waistill Sharp helped Jews leave the country. They sought ways to help fugtives from Nazi terror. They helped a man named Lion Feuchtwanger and his family escape the Nazis.

Their Impact


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