Martha's Story of the Civil Rights Movements

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Martha's Story of the Civil Rights Movements

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"In the end, Cairo became the city that died from racism."-Martha Dailing

This is Martha, my grandmother. She lived in Illinois during the Civil Rights movement.These are her memories of Cairo.

Martha's Story of the Civil Rights Movement

Full-out "war" began in 1967 after the suspicious death of a 19-year-old black soldier, who was on leave, occurred while he was in police custody. Deemed to be suicide by the authorities, the black community disagreed and rose up in protest resulting in a riot, the whites quickly formed Vigilante groups, and the violence increased to such an extent that that the Illinois National Guard was called in to quell racial hostilities.

"At its peak Cairo;s pooulation was over 15,000. Today the town has less than 3000 people calling it home."-Martha Dailing

History of how it all started



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