Martha Washington

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Martha Washington

Martha had four children with Daniel Custis. Two died when they were very young; a third died at age 17. The surviving son John Parke Custis lived to age 27, was married, and had five children.Throughout the Revolutionary War, Martha stayed at her husband's winter encampments.Martha and George owned slaves. After George died, his will stated that the slaves would be freed after Martha's death. Fearing the slaves would then kill Martha to gain their freedom, she set them free.Martha was not called the First Lady. People called her "Lady Washington" or "Our Lady Presidentess".

Martha could read and write--something most women were unable to do in her day.George felt that her presence was so essential at his winter encampments he asked Congress to reimburse her traveling expenses.Martha held weekly open salonsto which anyone was welcome.

Lasting Impact

Martha brought dignity and respect to the position of First Lady.


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Martha is buried next to George in the tomb at Mount Vernon

Introducing my wife:Martha (Dandridge) Washington

1731 - Born June 3rd1750 - Married Daniel Custis1757 - Became widowed1759 - Married George Washington1799 - Became widowed (again)1801 - Freed G. Washington's slaves1802 - Died

This is a dress worn by Martha Washington.

Martha Washington

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