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Martha Washington

InchWhen did Martha Washington become First Lady?footHow old was Martha Washington when she married Daneil Curtis and how old was she when she married George Washington?MileWhat were Martha's hobbies before the war?Martha's Life1.When was Martha Washington born and when did she die?2.What did Martha Washington do before the war?3.Where was Martha Washington living during the Revolutionary War?4.What did Martha Wasington do that was so remarkable during the war?


InchMartha Washington became First Lady in 1759 when she married Gorge Washington.FootMartha Washington was 20 when she married Daniel and 27 when she married Geogre Washington.MileOne of her hobbies was to be part of the Virginia Planter, a tobacco farm, where she became a leader in 1752. Another set of hobbies she had were riding horses, dancing, cooking, and sewing.Martha's life1.Martha Washington was born on June 2, 1731 and died May 22, 1802.2.Before the war Martha Washington was the leader of the Virginia planter.3.During the war Martha Washington lived in Philadelphia.4.The very remarkable act that Martha Washington did was, she and other women helped soiders in the Colonial Army at Valley Forge by nursing them.Also, she collected funds for the Colonial Army's supply.


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1730- Martha was born in Virginia1740 - Martha got sick with chicken pocks and all most died1750- Marthra washington got maried to daneil curtis1759- She maried Gorge Washington1775- Her son died1777- Her other son died1783- She helps in the war1802- She diedyyyy - Event Name




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