Martha Graham

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Martha Graham

Frontiers of Dance: The Life of Martha Graham

Jennine Warbington's Book Talk


by Walter Terry



Graham's Contributions to Modern Dance

Before Martha Graham...

Dancing should also deal with such matters as poverty, racial bias, neuroses, and even war...They would be disturbing to the mind and to the guts. They would demand that audiences feel deeply and think deeply (Terry, 1975).


Purpose of Dance

Costumes are adorned in in beading, lace and ribbon.

Dance is meant to be beautiul and to entertain the audience.

Dancers try to achieve the look of defying gravity by lifting upwards. Dancers point their feet, and aim to achieve certain body lines.

Graham wears costumes made of jersey. Costumes are simple, without unnecessary adornement.

Graham's technique involves the use of breath. The technique requires the dancer to contract and release the pelvis. Dancers show effort.


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