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Marsupials are members of a group of pouched mammals whose embryos are born before a development of the brain is formed.


Defining Characteristics -Most Marsupials are pouched animals. - Gestation time makes them unique. Marsupials give birth early and an embryo is born before it is fully developed. -Marsupials complete their development in an external pouch. -Marsupials are endotherms. (animal whose main source of body heat is generated from cell metabolism).- Marsupials are mammals, giving them mammary glands. -Glands don't fully develop in males. Mammary glands allow female marsupials to feed their young.





Body Structure-Koalas have bacteria in their stomachs that break down toxic oils in Eucalyptus leaves. -Female Kangaroos adapted their stomachs to have a pouch that carries their newborns.-Kangaroos go long periods without water due to their digestive tract being able to reabsorb water out of their food.

Feeding-Kangaroos are herbivores (eat mainly grass).-Opossums are omnivores (feeds on both plants and animals) and eat mice, rats, cockroaches, snakes, frogs, fruits, nuts, and, garden plants.-Koala's diet consists of mainly Eucalyptus leaves.

Reproduction/Life Cycle-Marsupial reproduction is 4 to 5 weeks. -The egg is enclosed in the vestiges of a shell has a small quantity of yolk in it, and goes from the ovary to the uterus. It then begins it’s development. -First stage for Kangaroos is young, immature Joey. -Second stage is a matured Joey.-Third stage is an adult Kangaroo.

Importance-Marsupials are eaten in some cultures.-Used to make exotic fur coats. -They draw many tourists to Australia. -Marsupials help provide evidence for continental drift.

Kangaroo Body Structure

Special Features/Cool Facts-Male and Female Koalas both have two sex organs.

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