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Social Studies

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Useful Information:- Immigrated to Arkansas in the 1980's to earn money, educate their children, and seek better medical care.-They typically live in multi-family and multi-generational dwellings with sparce furnishings except for those from their homeland. -It is custom to take ones shoes off before entering the home to prevent tracking in sand and dirt. -They believe that the core of ones identity isiderrived from the mother.- By the age of four or five, children become nursemaids. They assist with babies, run errands, and attend to small chores around the residence. -Young boys are given freedom to explore beyond the village, and they frequently accompany older siblings, fathers, or mother's brothers on fishing and gathering expeditions.- While children are given considerable freedom, they are also admonished with strict shouts of nana! (bad!) when important social boundaries have been crossed.


-Family activites are a big deal.-Sundays are reserved for church services, rest and relaxation.-Since the 1960s, numerous social welfare programs have been available, supported by the United States, various religious groups and, since independence, other Pacific Rim nations. United States social welfare programs for education, health and nutrition, and the needs of youth, women, and the aged are particularly visible. Many residents rely on these programs, especially in urban areas.

The flag of the Marshallese:

Females control a great deal of power in the matrilineal social structure so while men are the public performers, women's behind-the-scenes decisions often predominate.

Women are expected to take care of the home, instill values in the childre, and gather food.

Traditional dance:


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