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Marshall Mathers

Not Afraid"you won't take the sting put of these words before I say'em" means that nobody can use his style of rap or try to be like him because they aren't him."And all those who look down on me I'm tearing down your balcony" is a pun because every is looking down to Marshall like a nobody but, in the quote it means he is being looked down literally."i'd shoot for the moon but i'm too busy chasing the stars" is an example of a idiom becaus he is not literally shooting for the moon.

Marshall Bruce III Mathers, mostly known as Eminem, was born on October 17, 1974 in Saint Joseph, Missouri. He had a rough childhood, since he was the child of a single-parent and his mother was supposedly an alcoholic. Since his mom didn't had a stable job they moved back and forth between Missouri and Michigan towns. By the age of 12 Marshall had settled in Detroit's rough eastside. He was beaten in school since he was the new kid and he was white. Marshall. Marshall got introduce to rap by his uncle-cousin Ronnie; he was a few months older than Marshall. Mathers wasn’t really interested on school. Mathers also had 2 best friends through his rough childhood: DeShaun Holton, known as Proof who understood Marshall love for rap and Ronnie his older cousin. At the age of 15 Marshall decided he wanted to be a rapper. He repeated 9th grade three times and drop out of high school to follow his dreams of being a rapper. In 1989 Marshall met Kim. 3 years later Marshall started working on his album Infinite which he hoped to take him to fame. He was lied by his manager and fell into a great depression. Marshall became a father on December 25, 1995. Marshall started to take anti-depressants but his depression kept getting worst, he could consume more than 20 pills a day. Marshall’s depression continued like this for more 10 months. When one of Marshall’s friend find out about his addiction he, took Marshall to the doctor so, he could stop his addiction. Marshall didn’t finish the whole process to cure his addiction; he left rehab half-way through. In 2005 he went through the full rehab program to cure his addiction because; he got scare when his doctor said “that he could have died from, a drug overdose”. He supposedly said “my daughter (Hailey) was the major turn on my life” He now tours all around the world singing his poems. Most of his poems are about he feel sorry he (Marshall) wasn’t there for Hailey.


Figurative Language


Books:People in the News Eminem by Stehpanie Lane2004 by Lucent BooksEminem Grammy-Winning Rapperby David Aretha 2012 by Abdo Counsulting Group, Inc.

Marshall Mathers

-Mathers have gained 13 Grammy- Awards.-He has created the Marshall Mathers Foundation which helps provide fundings for many Detroit- area and national charities.-He is asupporter if the Eight Mile Boulevard association

When I'm Gone"you will destroy anyone who tried to harm them" is an idiom because he is not going to kill someone literally."when karma, turn right around and bites you?" is an example of personification because karma isn't a person but a believe."everything you stand for turns on you to pite you" is an example of personification because things that you've worked hard in can't really spite you."the curtain is closing on me" is an example of personification because the curtain is closing but he is on the way.

Mockingbird"But his job was to keep the food on the table" is a hyperbole because he isn't literally putting the food on the table he is working so, he can keep his family eating."it hurt so bad it broke your mamma's heart" is an personification because mamma's heart cant literally break.

Lose Yourself"his whole back to these ropes" means that he is in trouble, he has no chance of winning, he is trapped."lose yourself in the music" means to really listen with your soul the music so you can understand it."do not miss your chance to blow" is an example of a hyperbole because he ain't going to blow up he is just going to give all he has to reach his goal."tear this roof off like two dogs caged" means that he is ready to drop everything on the floor with a huge ego."I've chewed up and spat out...of stage"is an example of hyperbole because he hasn't really chewed up and spit out, he has actually been used and thrown away from stage.


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