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Mars compaired to Earth

The surface area of Mars (144,798,500 sq km) is approximatly the same size as the land area of Earth, meaning that Mars is about 28% of the size of Earth.

The axial tilt of Mars is 25.19 compaired to the axial tilt of Earth 23.44The surface of Mars looks like it has river trails and water marks. This fact makes some scientists believe that Mars once had water

We might be able to terraform Mars by taking organic material to Mars.

Some scientists believe that Mars was much like Earth 3.6 billion years ago.

Some interesting geological features of Mars are:1) Valles Marineris is a group of valleys 4000km long and 4-7km deep.2) Helles Platita is a crater 6km deep and 2000km in diameter

Since the axial tilt of Mars is almost the same as Earth's axial tilt the seasons are the same.

During volcanic eruptions or when a meteor hits Mars sometimes the force shoots a rock off of Mars. The rock is then pulled in by Earths gravity. Most of these rocks are ingneous. They are usualy 1.3 billion years old.

By examining Martian meteors we can try to estimate how old Mars is.

In my opinion, based on the water trails on Mar's surface, I don't think that large forms of life ever existed on Mars, but I do think that small life forms, like bacteria, once lived there.

Mars has two moons. The Martian moons are not as round or as big as Earth's moon. Since Mars is smaller than Earth it has a weaker gravitational pull. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun.

One thing that we could do if we were to colonize Mars is that we could collect precious metals from the meteor belt. Some scientists believe that we will colonize Mars in the near future.

By: Isiah V.


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