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people have tried in many ways to find life on mars, and drilling to get samples of the soil and searching through it to try finding nutrients and energy is one strategy.

Fast Facts - Mars is the closest planet to Earth and the most similar to Earth in size. - There have been many missions to mars - These missions have conducted expiriments to search for life on mars.Information found at

The search for life on MarsBy Maggie Cahill

This is the Mars rover called Curiosity

I was at the kennedy space center when this space craft launched

Many scientists belive that water and energy are both nessesities for life. Scientists also are almost positive that there was liquid water on mars at one point but their experiments about life have been inconclusive.

This was the most recent probe sent to mars to study the atmosphere

Mars is losing it's atmosphere and this may be why life disappeared

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This is the drill that they use on rovers

Mars is a very interesting Planet. There are so many possibilities for life and things and I encourage you to get out there and explore!


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