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Mars is red because it is a result of iron rusting. The rocks ans soil on the surface of Mars contained a dust composed mostly of iron and small amounts of other elements such as sulhpur and chlorine. The rocks and soil on Mars were eronded by wind and dust that was blown across the plante surface from ancient volcanoes. Some evidence points to the very fine dust that has also been spread across the red plante by water, backed up by the presence of clannels and ducts across the face of Mars

Mars has two Moons.Phobos and Deimos.They are thought to be captured asteroids.Both Moons were discovered in 1877 by Asaph Hall. The two Moons were named after the charactes Phobos (panic/fear).And Deimos (Terror/dread).

Mars is the 2nd smallest plante in the solar system. The 4th from the sun it is also right next to Earth. Mars is often called the ''The Red Plante'' because the iron oxide prevalent on it's surface gives it a reddish look.


Why is Mars red?

Dose Mars have ring's?No. Mars has no rings.

Mars Moons

Mars Facts

Disance form the Sun: 227,900,000 kmRedius:3,390 kmLength of day:1d 0h 40mOrbital period:687 day'sMass: 639E21 kg (0.107 Earth mass).Distance to Earth:225,300,000 km

Mars Rover!!!!!!

The Mars Rover is an automated motor vehicle that propes it self across the surface of Mars upon arrival. The Mars Rover's have several advantages over stationary landers: they can examine more territory, they canbe directed to interesting features, they can also place themselfs in a sunny positions to weather winter mouths and they can advance the knowledge at how to preform very remote roboitc vehicle control. There had been four successful robotically operated Mars Rovers: The Jet Propulsion Laboratory managed the Mars Pathfinder mission and now its inactive sojourner rover. It currently manages the Mars Exploration rover mission active opportunity rover ans inactive spirit and as part of the Mars Science Laboratory mission the curiosity rover.


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