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QUESTIONS:How much would you weigh on Mars?How many birthdays would you have had on Mars?Design your own rover. Explain where you are going to send it, and identify any features or tools the rover has.If you could only bring 3 things with you to Mars, what would they be and why? (watch the video for ideas)

[planets not to scale]

M A R S S T A T SDistance From Sun: 141,633,260 milesLength of Year: 687 daysLength of Day: 24 hours, 37 minutesMin/Max Temp: -125°F to 23°F

Click here to calculate your weight and age on Mars!

Moons of MarsMars has two moons, which are among the smallest in the solar system: Phobos & Deimos

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Still curious about Mars? Check out this controversal organization trying to send people to Mars forever!

Click the poster to the left to find a list of rovers and countries that have been to Mars.

Mars’ reddish color is quite visible to the naked eye. This color is due to the presence of iron oxide dust, a.k.a. rust. While this doesn’t mean that Mars is made up of rust, it would be safe to say that the planet is fully covered with it. The planet Mars is named after the Roman god of war.

For our 4th day of our unit on planets, we will be exploring our 4th planet from the Sun . . .Mars! What characteristics make Mars unique?

5th grade - Science - Mrs. Blake

Mars Mania!


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