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Planets & Astronomy

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MARTIAN DAYS AND YEARSA Martian day is around 41 minutes longer than Earth's.A Martian year is 687 earth days long.Thats 322 days longer!

Atmosphere Facts -Mars's atmosphere is made of carbon dioxide, argon, and nitrogen -Temp. can range from -200F to 32F-Mars has less gravity than earth, so if you weigh 100ibs. you only weigh 38ibs. on Mars-Mars reflects light well, so it loooks like a star on Earth

COLORMars is rusty red becauseof Iron Oxcide

Surface Facts-Dark patches on Mars were once mistaken for seas and vegitation-Olympus Mons is an extinct volcano the size of Arizona-Valles Mineris is a canyon which is about the length of the U.S.

Mars is the 4th planet from the sun


  • heslacee 7 years ago

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    i like how u added a picture of the planet on both sides and chose a backround that would make it pop.

  • hessofia5 7 years ago

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    I like that you put a lot of stuff in but made it seem
    not crowded.I also like your pictures.

  • hesmaisyd 7 years ago

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    Good job! I like how you added credits too

  • hesmadeline 7 years ago

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    This poster is so cool! Where it says Mars, it looks cool because one planet is over the corner of it and the other is under. You have alot of stuff and you made all of it had enough space so you can still see everything!
    Good work! =0
    -Madeline n.

  • hesbailey 7 years ago

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    it looks very nice and VERY infornmational