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Mar’s gravity is 3.711 m/s², compared to Earth’s gravity, which is 9.807 m/s².Mars’s surface area is 55.91 million sq miles compared to Earth’s area: 196.9 million sq milesThe conditions on Mars are quite harsh, and astronauts would need to face lots of obstacles to stay on Mars for a long amount of time.

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. Mars is the 4th planet closest to the sun, right after Earth.Distance between earth and mars- On average, the distance to Mars from Earth is 140 million miles The climate there is described as a dry cold barren desert. It is dry and most of the marks left on there are made by meteors, or old volcanoesThe atmosphere on Mars contains about 95.3% carbon dioxide and 2.7% nitrogenMars has two moons, and they were named Phobos, and Deimos. They were named after two people who went into war with their father: Ares, the god of war. These two moon were discovered by Asaph Hall, in 1877. Phobos rises in the west, sets in the east, and rises again in just eleven hours, while Deimos, rises in the east but very slowly. Despite its 30 hour orbit, it takes 2.7 days to set in the west as it slowly falls behind the rotation of Mars.

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